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People Images That Sell

People photography is strong visual content that can deliver a meaningful message to the viewers. It can tell a story with the model's facial expressions, what they wear and how they pose as well as the objects and the background which reflect the characteristics of the culture of the target market. It is crucial to have Korean models in the photos in the Korean market. Likewise, it is crucial to have Chinese models in the photos in the Chinese market. It is because people of each country can feel the difference in the appearances of the models from Korea, China, Japan, and other Asian countries. If you use a photo of a Chinese model for an advertisement targeting Korean customers, the Korean customers might obscurely or unconsciously feel the disharmony from the advertisement.

It is almost impossible for a photographer to produce specific people photos targeting each country, but there is always a way. We compared the people photos from the local photographers and the global photographers to know what kind of content our global photographers can submit to be approved.

People photos from our Korean photographers show the models' faces clearly and their smiles bring bright energy. The female models wearing the trendy light makeup and all the models wearing the suitable clothes stand out. These types of content are appropriate to be used in various ways taking the Korean sociocultural context into consideration. Korean users can advertise 'beauty' products which is an unflagging topic, or they can emphasize the young married couple in a public campaign advertisement considering the tendency of young Korean people toward remaining single. Reading this context and reflecting it in the photos are difficult for the global photographers. So, your strategies can be submitting people photos of a bit more general & comprehensive themes that can show the topics in common at the global level.

The three amazing images are the people photos from our global contributors. They have great usability while the models' faces, makeup, and clothes are not spotlighted. Think of the occupations that exist in the majority of your target countries. Wouldn't the photos that show the professionalism of a welder arouse interest of any related industry in any country?

In the business theme which is a bit more general than a particular occupation, the photos can emphasize the scene of the people looking at the same screen and discussing, not the appearance of the models itself. You can focus more on the situation such as how many people are talking to one another in what vibe.

It is a matter of course that nature is one of the best backgrounds to take part in people photography. A human figure in nature can impress the viewers no matter where the viewers are from.

Apart from the examples, you can also capture a part of a body that is related to a disease, or capture the moment of sports activities(skateboarding, swimming, yoga and jogging etc.). Spare your time to compare the people photos from our Korean photographers and the people photos from our global contributors, and get better ideas for your production plans!



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