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Tips to Succeed in the Korean Market

Now that you’re contributing your valuable works to the Korean market, it’s time for you to create a point of view on how to successfully sell your images in this specific market. It’s not entirely different from the norm of the global market. However, you probably didn't know that Korean customers have distinct preferences when it comes to stock images.

Global issues

Global issues do generate interests and are on Korean news media as well. Nonetheless, it’s doubtable that our subscribers would look for the images related to every single global issue for commercial uses.

Here are a couple of global issues that Korean users might be interested in for commercial uses.

1. Covid-19: Not to mention it, TongRo is even producing many photos about Covid-19 ourselves.

2. The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Korean people are interested in the possible changes in the market caused by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Relevant images are often consumed in composite images(PSD).

Keyword suggestions: coronavirus, Covid-19, hospital, medical, mask.

Four seasons

Korea is a land of four seasons! Images that represent all four seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter) are sought after all around the year. Don’t forget to put the proper keywords about the seasons to expose your image on the webpage if you took the pictures of seasonal scenery.

Keyword suggestions: spring, summer, fall, autumn, winter, tree, beach, sea, flowers, sky.

Positive vibes

Plain images definitely look chic, hip, and even sophisticated. However, in the Korean commercial industry (or marketing industry), people tend to prefer positive, energetic, sporty, humorous, and smiling pictures. So, stick to the positive vibes!

Keyword suggestions: family, horse riding, golf, swimming, people, heart.

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Composite images)



and ClipartKorea.


The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Composite images)



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