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Can Your Images Be on the Main Page?

What images are displayed on the main page or on the top of the pages in the TongRo Images' platform?

Customers explore the platform starting from the main page. Images they see on the main page decide what they expect from the platform and what they actually buy.

With that being said, planning and selecting the images to be exposed as a banner or on the "NEW" content section is meaningful both to the agency and to the creators. You can possibly believe that only high-quality images will be displayed in the front, but that is not true. As long as the images are timely and creative, they are just good enough to be selected and can be exposed to many more customers.

So, what are the standards for the curation?

When it comes to images on the main page, banners, and "NEW" content section in ImageToday and ClipartKorea, things always change. But we still can share some useful tips for the contributors!

The most basic factors are seasons and holidays as you might already know. Images showing the scenery of the seasons are now oversupplied. Thus, the market will need more specific images about, such as heatwaves, the rainy season, retail products for summer, spring local events, food for winter, and so on.

Also, images about the holidays that people celebrate in Korea will definitely get attention from editors. Note that we consider the following days special in Korea: Lunar New Year's Day, Valentine's Day, Buddha's Birthday, Black Friday, Halloween Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and more. Are you uploading holiday images more than one month prior to the actual day? We will say no more. You're the best stock image contributor!

Another thing is that there are named contributors. Those who stand out are the ones who upload quality content on a regular basis. Editors can't help paying attention to the images from them. When they're aware of a specific contributor, they're more likely to have a close look at the content from that contributor, and end up selecting their images to be displayed on the pages with a lot of traffic.

So, what should you do for your contents to be curated by editors?

Be aware of the up-to-date themes being displayed on the website.

The themes TongRo Images is intensively curating for a lot nowadays in the first half of 2021 are as below:

- New Industry, hydrogen-powered electric cars, logistics, smart cars, AI, 5G, 6G, virtual reality(usually composite images)

- Climate change, environment-friendly, post coronavirus

- Medical, illness, sports, education, cosmetics

Also, avoid using the same image with too subtle changes. For example, for illustration images, changing only the colors and the text of the images with the exact same background, objects and shapes is not recommended. If you submit too many images in this manner, they won't be ideal to be selected as "NEW" content. Even if they are selected and displayed, customers might get bored of that type of stock images.

Now, keep yourself updated with the trend and the demand of stock images all the time. That can make you an amazing contributor.



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