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What's on ImageToday Website?

ImageToday, the second biggest stock image platform of TongRo Images was launched in 2005. It was three years after the launch of ClipartKorea, and this platform was designed especially for the professional designers who need high-end design resources. For this reason, ImageToday's library is being filled with the contents approved after a very strict curation. Contributors might find getting their contents approved not easy on ImageToday.

In October 2021, ImageToday was redesigned for better user experience. Through the redesign, useful functions for the customers are embedded. Added functions are elaborate search engine, keywords suggestions, advanced LNB filters, and improved GNB layers.

What makes ImageToday distinctive from others is that that the subscription plans include the access to membership video clips created by TongRo Images' production team. It's not a highly developed service yet, but is a huge benefit which attracts platform users.

The strength of ImageToday is 3D contents. Are your 3D images simple, creative, and witty? Don't be hesitant to reach out and find out how your portfolio can be part of ImageToday's amazing content library.

TongRo Images platforms are available only in Korean at the moment. When you need help with understanding them, contact us(international@tongro.co.kr).



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