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What's on the ClipartKorea Website?

ClipartKorea was launched in July 2002, with our innovative Subscription Service. Ever since we've been constantly improving the details and services on the platform. Now, we provide Single Video, Single After-effects, Single Sound, Single Plus Pack as well as Subscription Service. In 2018, we adopted a "visual search" function which makes the searching process much easier.

Our service platforms, ClipartKorea, and ImageToday are focused solely on Korean customers. And we fully understand that our international partners may be hesitant to contribute their contents to the website in the beginning. It's fair to be skeptical of something that you don't have a clear understanding about. So today, we decided to share how we display the contents on our ClipartKorea website.

First of all, here are what each category on the main page means. The red letters are the translated words.

On the "Update" section, we update newly contributed and curated images every day. This is what you see when you click "Update." The example is based on the 14th of August 2020.

Our Content Team deliberately chose the 10 themes of the day and updated 495 images in total.

The themes on the page are:

1. Poster temples for Public Safetycomposite PSD images

2. Sixth Generation (6G) (We always create & provide image resources that are a step ahead in the industrial market) - Web∙Mobile

3. SadInternational Photos

4. AutumnDomestic photos

5. Pain - International Photos

6. 3D virtual space - International Photos

7. Stay home - International Photos

8. Fresh food deliveryIllustraions

9. Cosmetic product advertisement - Illustraions

10. Finance - Illustraions

Let’s have a look at the “Stay home” theme from one of our international contributors.

This is what happens when your photographs are high-quality and preferable for Korean customers. Our customers can see only your images on the page, and of course, you get more chances to increase your sales!

As you can see, ClipartKorea is optimized to serve Korean customers and designers. Do not miss the chance to increase your sales in the Korean market and join us as a contributor. TongRo and our customers are waiting for you.

Also, visit the website to see how each page of categories looks!



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