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Why Are My Images Rejected? - For Illustrators

Most experienced contributors working with TongRo Images succeed in uploading the image files satisfying all the technical requirements. However, getting images approved is a different story even for the professionals. The review process involves complex factors. For example, the images will be evaluated in terms of being trendy, being aesthetic, being new, creativeness, diversity and uniqueness. As the approvals and the rejections have become important topics to discuss, we brought a post to give you a better background knowledge of the review process at TongRo Images .

Since quality management of the images that go to TongRo Images' platform is handled by our talented in-house creatives, TongRo Images' platforms set the trend of Korean design industry and are filled with high-quality images. TongRo Images Team is working hard to create and display the illustrations that reflect the latest social issues inside and outside of Korea, not only to provide the best contents for the Korean customers, but also to maximize the sales. As much as we put effort to be specialized in the local market, we also do our best to find the suitability from the contents submitted by the international contributors. And this inevitably affects the review process we're talking about.


The biggest challenge when it comes to icon creation is that there are already a lot of great icon images of the ordinary objects. In any stock image platforms, you will be able to find countless line icons of a phone, a hand, a mail, a building, paper, chart, a calendar and so on.

One point to overcome this challenge is to come up with "unique" objects. What are the "unique" objects? Find the things that are related to the current issues such as post-coronavirus, vaccines, new renewable energy or biomedical industry. Icons should be relatively simple, but the elements and expressions should not be too simple anymore as the volume of stock images grows.

For your icon creation, try to use 3D effects, color arrangement, vivid colors, pastel-colors, glassmorphism and bold lines. Also, put at least nine icons in one image. Then your approval rate for icon contents might go up.


The most frequently reported feedback from our illustration editors is that they can not see the diversified styles from a creator. Developing your own style as an illustrator is an essential thing, but you will eventually reach the point where you should try new things for more downloads. There are some cases that one contributor shows diverse drawing styles using both vivid colors and pastel colors, being both intuitive and abstract, and showing both simple and complicated expressions. In this case the approval rate can be more than 90%. If changing your drawing style is too much work for you to do at the moment, you can start with small things such as changing the color range and the thickness of the lines. Keep in mind that after quite a number of images in a certain style is approved, it becomes harder and harder for the same style of images to be approved. The number definitely depends on the size and the diversity of your portfolio; it can be 3,000, but it also can be 30.

Other feedback is that there are too many images that look old and do not reflect the trend or current social issues. Just like stock photography, illustrations also need to show what's happening in the world to get customers' attention. Avoid creating simple and repeated objects such as buildings, human figures, cars, patterns, characters, animals and text balloons. And try to create illustrations related to lifestyle, family, business, professions, medical, medication, education and shopping.

An extra useful tip for you!

Editors will take it a lot easier to classify your images if you upload a set of files of one theme for one submission. For example, upload 10 to 20 images of medical theme and complete submitting them. And then, upload 10 to 20 images of education theme for the next submission. Uploading images theme by theme will also help you increase the download number of your images because customers usually download multiple images from a theme.

Don't be afraid of reading the actual feedback from the editors at cp.tongro.com.

First, go to "Rejected" on your "Contents" page.

When you click each "upload ID," you'll be able to read the feedback in the column named "The reason of rejected contents."

Use google translation in the event that the feedback is written in Korean. Furthermore, if the presented reasons are not enough for you to figure out what to improve, please contact TongRo Images' International Relations Team at international@tongro.co.kr.



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