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Why You Need to Jump into the Korean Market

South Korea is a small country with 100,363 square meters of land and 51,640,000 of population. Yet, it is one of the biggest markets in the world. In 2015, It was a trending topic in Korea that many global companies used South Korea as a test bed before worldwide releases of their new product and services.

It means they considered South Korea a reliable barometer for commercial success. This phenomenon is caused by the special characteristics of the country itself and the Korean consumers. And of course, it is the reason for you to be attentive to the Korean market in preparation of the possible business expansion and your content’s marketability in Asia.

Why did they use Korea as a test bed?

  • Korean consumers have a very high standard of service and product. If Korean consumers like your content, there might be higher chance that consumers all around the world find them appealing as well.

  • Korean consumers make the best(and fastest) use of the internet and social media. Sharing straightforward reviews and information about pros and cons of service online is more crucial than ever in Korea. TongRo’s Marketing Team understands this well and deals with the fact. And this will cause the high sales of your content.

  • South Korea is considered as a culturally advanced country among Asian countries. If you plan to expend your business in Asia, there is no reason not to choose South Korea as your first business partner country in Asia.

Your hard work and worthwhile content deserve to be seen in every decent market. TongRo will make the perfect mediator for your business in Korea. The reasons for that will be posted in detail on our next blog update. So, stay tuned!

- Reference : Arirang Issue, 2015. Money Matters-Korea as a popular test bed for global brands 테스트 베드 한국, 이유는?!. Available from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCLFLJJQGJw



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